A Powerful multipurpose open source Discord Bot with over than 100+ commands!

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Unicron offers:

  • Server Configuration (prefix, welcomer, farewell etc...)

  • Member Captcha Verification System

  • Simple Ticket System -

  • Dynamic Text/Voice - Which allows users to create their own text/voice Channels to enhance your community environment as your users continue to meet new people.

  • High Performance Moderation System + Auto-Moderation

  • and more!

Many Commands (yes)

Unicron has alot of commands reaching 100+ split into 9 categories!

  • 🚓 Moderation

  • ⚙️ Configuration

  • 💰 Economy

  • 🖨️ Miscellaneous

  • 🗳️ Ticket System

  • 🎵 Dynamic Text/Voice

  • 👻 Fun

  • and more!


Unicron is licensed under the GNU GPL license. See the file LICENSE for more information. If you plan to use any part of this source code in your own bot, I would be grateful if you would include some form of credit somewhere.